Trying to choose what property to buy?

In the aftermath of COVID-19 and the growth in working from home, property buyers are now looking more broadly at where and how they want to live. When researching properties, the greatest benefit comes from comparative analysis of properties, especially between those in different localities or suburbs. This has elevated the need for simple and relevant information to be readily available that reflects your preferences. Residz is a new platform which offers that information in an easily accessible and understood manner. It allows you to search any property address in Australia and quickly gain a view of risk and lifestyle attributes of that property and locality.

Whilst Residz has a list of data attributes to inform users, your particular circumstances and lifestyle will determine what aspects are most important. If you have school-age children, one of the key comparisons might be NAPLAN results for the schools nearest to each property. For those properties bordering high vegetation areas, the properties propensity to burn in the event of a bushfire would also be a priority.

At the more general level, locality aspects such as average income, employment levels, average age, cultural mix, and crime incidents, would all rank somewhere in your comparative analysis. Residz gives you the ability to conduct these comparisons with just a few clicks for any address. This is what they’ve done in the following screen shots for two properties on the Central Coast of NSW. The one on the left is located in Umina and the one on the right is in Avoca Beach.

Whilst passing no judgement nor meaning to criticise either property or area, the above screen shots, although perhaps difficult to read here, display a number of quite differing characteristics not the least of which is school result bands, crime levels, unemployment (7.8% versus 2.1%) and bushfire risk rating (0.64/10 versus 7.00/10).

In a similar manner with just several clicks for any property search, a quick and easy comparison can be made between properties, in alignment with your preferred lifestyle priorities. This is the new world of property research; information at your fingertips for every property in Australia, not just those that are listed for sale.

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